Currently, Jellifin only allows the ability to trade:

     Long Calls
     Long Puts

In the future we plan to offer a full range of options trading based on the three levels below:

Level 1 covered calls, including:
     Covered calls sold against stocks held long in the brokerage account
     Buy-writes (simultaneously buying a stock and writing a covered call)
     Covered call roll-ups/roll-downs

Level 2 - All level 1 strategies, plus:
     Long Calls
     Long Puts
     Long Straddles
     Long Strangles
     Covered puts (short stock and short put position)

Level 3 - All level 1 and 2 strategies, plus:
     Equity credit spreads
     Equity debit spreads
     Index credit spreads
     Index debit spreads
     Equity calendar/diagonal spreads
     Index calendar/diagonal spreads

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